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Western Front

Battle of the Bulge Part 4:
U.S. Counterattack - 1 January 1945

The U.S. Army counterattack against German forces during the Battle of the Bulge began shortly after the beleaguered 101st Airborne Division at Bastogne (see The Battle of Bastogne, 26 & 27 December 1944) was relieved by the 4th Armored Division late on 26 December 1944 (see Battle of the Bulge Part 3). Imagery from 1 January 1945 showed evidence of fighting along the northern and western boundaries of the German incursion where both American and German positions could be identified. The U.S Army had deployed significant artillery assets all along the northern shoulder. Evidence of heavy shelling of German positions between Hotton and Marche en Famenne (Marche) could be seen. Also noted was a flight of four IX Fighter Command P-47s heading for German positions as well as the locations of two possible U.S command posts.

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