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The RAF at Copenhagen for Victory in Europe Celebration, 12 May 1945

On 12 May1945 elements of the Royal Air Force No.125 Wing were deployed to Copenhagen/Kastrup Airfield during a victory celebration attended by Field Marshal Montgomery. The wing, then comprised of RAF No. 41 (Spitfire XIV), RAF No. 137 (Typhoon Ib) and RNZAF No. 486 (Tempest V) squadrons (No. 414 RCAF squadron was not present) deployed to Kastrup on 5 May (Graphic 1). The wing was accompanied by a group of Dakotas. The squadrons were parked in separate groups, each with a set of tents for ground crews. A Short Stirling VIP transport was also present.

No. 125 Wing at Copenhagen Kastrup

Graphic 2 shows No. 41 Squadron, equipped with 14 Spitfires. The two other squadrons each had of 19 Typhoon/Tempests (Graphics 3 & 4).

No. 41 Squadron Spitfire XIV at Copenhagen Kastrup
No. 138 or 486 Squadron Typhoon or Tempest at Copenhagen Kastrup
No. 138 or 486 Squadron Typhoon Tempest at Copenhagen Kastrup

Graphic 5 shows a Short Stirling V transport that may have delivered Field Marshal Montgomery to Copenhagen for the Victory Celebration. A total of 14 Dakota transports were at the airfield; three (not shown) were on a taxiway possibly preparing for takeoff. A single B-25 Mitchell at the airfield may also have transported VIPs.

Short Stirling and Dakotas  at Copenhagen Kastrup

A number of Luftwaffe aircraft remained at Kastrup; most were Bf 109s and Fw 190s, but others included one He 219, eight Ju 88/188s, one Me 410, one Do 217 and seven Ju-52s (Graphic 6).

He 219 Ju 88 at Copenhagen Kastrup

The victory parade that brought Field Marshall Montgomery and other VIPs to Copenhagen on 12 May was about to begin at the time of imaging. In the city center, crowds lined the streets between Amalienborg and Kong's Nytov Squares (Graphic 7). A number of probable VIP vehicles could be seen outside one of the Amalienborg palaces.

Field Marshal Montgomery at Copenhagen Victory Parade
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